Good Morning Prague!

Well here we are again, back in late May of 2011 and it was a fantastic night last night walking around this magnificent city. Now, after a goodnight’s sleep it’s time to take in as much as we can on day 2 in the Czech Republic’s city of Prague!

And…We are off. Good Morning beautiful!


A little look down the street from our room… priceless!

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Perfectly, Prague

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So hello again everyone! This time we are coming to you from the beautiful country of the Czech Republic, in what is simply put, one of the most spectacular cities on earth, Prague. I’ve always heard through the grapevine that Prague is a beautiful city, but what we were about to see left us awe-struck. Which is why this next stop I am going to be doing in two parts… Because there is just too much to do and see all at once!!

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Onward we go!

So we start back up on our journey to Germany and the big city of Berlin! Before leaving Poland, we needed to get the appropriate stickers for the car in order to enter in the other countries we planned on visiting! So a quick stop in Warsaw to get everything we needed and away we went!

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Europe, 2011


So way back in May of 2011, we were invited to the wedding of Paul’s cousin back in his hometown of Lomza, Poland. With a population of around 65,000 people, it’s a little smaller than where I grew up in the Chippewa Falls, Eau Claire area of WI. Being this was my first time out of the country on a different continent, needless to say I was quite excited about what I was going to experience! More importantly I was finally going to see where my other half grew up and started his life.

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