What’s in your photo?

As the famous television ad states…

“What’s in your wallet?”

I’m asking the question of “what’s in your photo”?

When you take a photo, what is it that your trying to say? Does your photo do more than just capture the moment? Does it also capture what it’s like to be in that moment?

Of course you can’t smell what’s in a photo, or feel the breeze like you did as you stood there and took the photo… 

Or can you?

What do you see when you look at this photo?

Now what do you feel?

Yes, you can see the buildings and the people.  You can also see the rising sun casting shadows in the morning light. Or was the sun going down in the evening that cast those shadows on the city ground? Are those people enjoing the begining of a beautiful day or are they winding down after a longs day’s work?

Is it the crisp morning air or the warm humid evening that you feel when you see this picture? 

I could tell you the answers to all of those questions… but I’m not going to. I want to know what world your mind puts together when you look this picture.

It’s like reading a book. You use your imagination to create a world in your head from all of the words you are absorbing. When two people read the same book, what world those words create in each ones mind is completely different.

The same goes for photos. When one picture is viewed by different people, wouldn’t it be neat to know what each one really see’s?

Here’s another photo for you to look at…

Without me telling you anything about this picture, what is it you really see?

What do you smell and hear? What world do you see?

And one more before I end for the day.

So with that, I’ll ask once more…

What’s in your photo?

In need of technical help!

Alright travel photography friends…

I am looking to replace my current camera which is a Canon 70D.

I love the camera, but it is quite heavy for what I am using it for. I am weighing my options as far as a smaller more compact camera. Mirrorless? Who has used these? Do you like them?

My main focus is being able to travel with less bulk but yet still have the ability for amazing pictures. Fast focus, image stability etc… all the good stuff!

Any and all thought on this will be much appreciated and I look forward to hearing what you have for me!

Thanks in advance!