Paul and I met over 11 years ago (that is still hard to believe… where does the time go?) but we began our travels together around 6 years ago now in 2011 and have been bitten by the travel bug ever since. So far we have visited over 25 countries with many more to come as the bucket list is forever expanding! We would love for you to follow us as we start from the very beginning and work our way up to our present day adventures!

Now mind you, before we begin this adventure together, I am not a professional writer or photographer, though through our journeys together I have awoken in myself a passion for photography which I had no idea existed.  So as these very first pictures are posted, hopefully you will begin to see a transformation in the imagery as we continue with the journey we have taken so far!

I didn’t take many photos on our first journey, the continuous snapping at the shutter didn’t really start happening until our second trip. Once we make it past this first trip around memory lane, you will start seeing more “picture words” which I’m sure you’re much more interested in than my attempt at writing!

So step through the door with me as we travel back in time to our very first real adventure!